A Premium Package for Premium Cat Litter

Gimborn Achieves a Positive Experience with Slide-Rite® Packaging


Emmerich on the Rhine / Warburg, May 3rd, 2012.  One cat is not just like another, one cat litter is not just like another, and one package is not just like

another. The pet animal specialist at Gimborn developed the product line Biokat's, a premium cat litter for cat owners with highest quality demands. One year ago Biokat's "Premium Fresh" was launched on the market in Germany and in the Benelux countries. The product was presented in a new package of equivalent high quality with a re-closure system by Presto Slide-Rite®. Gimborn's conclusion: "This was a good decision". The product has sold exceptionally well since its re-launch.

The market for cat litter has undergone significant changes as a result of an increasing individualization of the consumer demands. Like all of Biokat's product line "Premium Fresh" meets the highest standards. The cat litter, which is sold in a 14-kg package, is produced from a special kind of clay, which stands out for its rounded fine granulation, and is patented by Gimborn. Pedigree cats and other sensitive cats especially appreciate the soft litter. Discerning cat owners are quite willing to spend more money for the well-being of their pets – and consequently for a high-quality package too.

"This premium packaging system is an excellent match for our premium products and offers crucial competitive advantages," states Jörg Barkei, one of Gimborn's Managing Directors responsible for Sales & Marketing. The new designed package is equipped with the patented re-closure system from Presto Slide-Rite®. It is the first time for Gimborn to implement a Slide-Rite® closure.

One of the benefits of the Slide-Rite® re-closure package is that it protects the dry, fine-grained quality of the premium cat litter and preserves its scent even after many uses. Taking into account that the filling of a litter tray requires ten to twelve kilograms this is an important advantage. The remaining litter stays in the package, stored in a dry and durable way without being moved to a secondary package.

Owing to its easy handling the Slide-Rite® re-closure system offers the consumer a high degree of convenience. It can be opened and re-closed easily with a single movement of the hand. A further convenience feature of the 14-kg package is the carrier handle in the upper part.

From the marketing point of view the Slide-Rite® re-closure system creates a number of competitive advantages at the point of sale. It is an eye-catcher with a high recognition value increasing customer retention. It implies a high added value. "With this novel packaging system we clearly distinguish ourselves from the competitors," affirms Jörg Barkei. According to Mr. Barkei their number of competitors has increased significantly over the last ten years.

The compact packaging can be stacked on pallets or even on top of one another without any risks of slipping off – a benefit which is particularly valued by specialized retailers. "The packaging is very much appreciated by the retailers", confirms Jörg Barkei. The high tensile strength of the new PE bag holds the premium cat litter – despite its high weight – and insures the product always arrives undamaged at the cat owner's home.

The package is produced by Bischof + Klein (Lengerich). It is a cross bottom valve sack, which is filled from the bottom end. "We developed this bag uniquely for Gimborn for this special field of application", explains Michael Neumann, Bischof + Klein Sales Department. This novel Biokat's package has been listed by all pet shop retailers, including the Futterhaus retail store chain.

Gimborn (www.gimborn.de) is a specialist for pet animal products. In 1986 the company launched its first cat litter named "Biokat's classic" which was the first litter product for cats on the German market. Since then, the product line has continuously been adapted to the changing demands and differentiated accordingly. At present, Biokat's is available in 41 countries.

Bischof + Klein (www.bk-international.com) is one of the leading European packaging producers offering the entire range of flexible packaging made of plastic and paper as well as special films for technical application. The customers include major players within the chemicals, agriculture and horticulture, construction and housing, food and beverage, as well as pet food industries.

Slide-Rite® (www.slide-rite.eu) is a division of the Presto Products Company, (www.prestoproducts.com) a subsidiary of the Reynolds Consumer Products (www.reynoldsconsumerproducts.com). Reynolds Consumer Products is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated packaging solutions for consumer and food products. Since 2000 Slide-Rite® has been an industry leader in slider re-closure solutions. Learn more about Slide-Rite® and other re-closure solutions at (www.fresh-lock.com).

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